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Dear friends!

Our working footwear is the perfect choice for the workers of different industries. We offer a wide range of shoe models that can satisfy the demands of any customer.

Our technological cycle is automated. We use robots and other equipment built on the basis of the latest technologies. It gives us the opportunity to provide high quality products as well as to reduce time for the delivery and production.

Our company is progress oriented. We constantly improve our products’ range by creating new shoe designs. Our models are stylish but without any excess details complicating the use of shoes for its original purpose.

We produce more than 2500 pairs of shoes per day. We use only the checked, proven materials for our products.

Any business/plant/company irrespective of its specific or size can find an appropriate solution for its working footwear needs in “Artak Shoes”. For your convenience our footwear produced in different price categories:  "Standard", "Comfort", "Tyagach". Please, take a look at our catalog. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

We are looking forward of seeing you as our valuable customer or reliable partner.

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