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Sandals “PRACTIC” with MT

Item Number: SL2E
Name: Leather sandals
Upper: Genuine leather
Toe cap: Steel (MIL 200)
Sole: Single-layer polyurethane
Color: Black
Lining: “Tepic”
Size: 36 - 47
Technology: З, Mn, Nm. Mun-200
Standard: ТР ТС 019/2011 28507-90 12-4-137-84


It is a rational footwear appropriate for work inside the buildings, as well as outside in warm periods.  The top made of genuine leather with special cuts for additional thermal control.

The light single-layered polyurethane sole is very durable, possesses shock-absorbing and antistatic properties and keeps your foot protected in severe conditions, low and high temperatures (from-20 to +100).

The anatomic insole effectively distributes loading upon all foot surface.  The specially designed boot-last allows you to stay in this footwear for the whole day, without feeling any discomfort. all day long. The shock-resistant metal toe cap protects front part of foot from the blows up to 200 J.